Sunday, November 5, 2017

Canoga Park, Police clean up abandoned vehicles | Raw Footage

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Abandoned Rv's being Towed by LAPD in the West Valley area

LAPD is conducting a new street cleaning operation that will eventually sweep all illegally parked and abandoned vehicles from the streets of the west end of the San Fernando Valley. 

In a work taskforce which has begin to take effect, this one in Canoga Park being one of the examples of how well the Los zAngeles Police are doing on this operation clean up of Rv's, Stolen vehicles, abandoned vans, cars and TravelTrailers and even truck with cabover campers with the homeless occupying them. The police raided this one today in Canoga Park and we were there to watch it , see our Raw Footage of the incident in action. 

Raw Footage | Photos CREDITS: Baddboyfilms News, Oct. 05, 2017 Canoga Park, CA

Raw Footage - YouTube

Published on Nov 5, 2017

The Los Angeles Police (Canoga Park, CA.) of Topanga Police Station , Police Officer Lantz has been working on the general clean-up of the Canoga Park residential area near and around the 21000 block of Valerio St at Milwood Ave by getting the abandoned vehicles, Rv’s and other illegally parked vehicles towed away. 

LAPD Officer Lantz and his partner had been getting multiple companies from residents here on the 21000 block of Valerio St. in Canoga Park in regards to this Rv camper which Police said had been sitting here abandoned for over 6 weeks.

LAPD is cleaning up the abandoned Rv’s and illegally parked vehicles in and around the neighborhood to make this area safer for the family’s who’s kids go to school here in this area. 
The Police stated that they don’t like to work in an area where the streets are a mess and crime is everywhere.

So these two Police Officers are just making some changes to better the quality of living here in Gang Ridden Canoga Park, LAPD Officer Lantz, said.