Saturday, October 28, 2017

Butane Hash oil explosion in Woodland Hills | Raw Footage - Local News

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Woodland Hills | Marijuana honey oil explosion Possible Drug Lab on premises and an ongoing arson investigation with criminal intent is in discovery mode - LAFD Arson

Photography credits: Baddboyfilms News, October 28, 2017
Woodland Hills, Calif. 

A large fire gathered at the residence of Ahdi and Haleh  who also have two others occupying the home on N. Don Pio Drive in Woodland Hills, CA. Los Angeles Firefighters arrived to the house to find the east side of the 7,250 sq foot lot on fire.

More than 30 Firefighters and Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin leading his crew battled the blaze to get a knockdown time before it could damage anymore homes which were laying in it’s fiery path, said Fire Officials. 

The 911 emergency caller frantically repeated there was flames crawling up the back porch area and that the fire was too large to extinguish with just their garden hose.

They requested Firefighters to respond. The homeowner was reported to of exited the structure and there was no injuries reported. The next-door neighbors fought the fire as much as possible with their backyard garden hose water by spraying their dividing wooden fence that separated them from the property line.

The flames had climbed up into the attic and inside the walls of the single story 3 beds, 2 bath 1,520 sqft house that was built in 1961 according to the Los Angeles County Hall of Records of property ownerships in Woodland Hills. 

Marijuana honey oil explosion was what was talked about between the Firefighters on scene and the Battalion Chief had called in Los Angeles Fire Department investigators (ARSON Detectives) to handle the operation into the cause for the fire to be explained after their assumption was due to the fact that they allocated on the property a Marijuana honey oil lab, which is used in the growing and manufacturing of Marijuana.

If Los Angeles criminal Arson investigators decide that this was the cause into this fire, the owners will be held liable for all damages caused by this fire. This case was turned over to the LAFD as an open ongoing investigation and LAFD are working closely with LAPD and Los Angeles Arson detectives to solve this fire with the city of Los Angeles and find the cause to prevent it from happening again. 

Arson stated they have no further comments to the media. 

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

WOODLAND HILLS News | A Marijuana honey oil explosion followed by fire at a residence | Baddboyfilms News Source

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Woodland Hills | Marijuana honey oil explosion

Photography credits: Baddboyfilms News, October 28, 2017
Woodland Hills, Calif. 

Woodland Hills Possible Drug Lab after a Marijuana oil Fiery Explosion

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